D-005 - Change Management and Communications

Summary – Change Management and Communications support

Triple EEE IT Services will help you deliver transformational changes in a structured manner, leading to less resistance and better outcomes for your project. Our consultants will assess the impact of the change, map the stakeholder landscape, and based on that, deliver a change and communications strategy that ensures your stakeholders are ready and able to adopt the new. Our change consultants have a minimum of at least ten years’ experience with managing change and communications in com-plex corporate settings and working with executive stakeholders.

Value Proposition

Whether you are introducing a new IT system, a different way of working or are planning to re-structure the organization – key for the success of your change are the people impacted by it and their willingness and support to hop on the train and join the journey.

Triple EEE’s experienced change consultants know how to navigate complex organisational structures. They will use proven tactics, tooling and metrics to assess the impact of the change and help you build and deliver a change strategy that ensures your stakeholders at all levels of the organization feel engaged and are ready to onboard the new.

We will work as a strategic partner to help you build a clear vision and case for change that reso-nates with your stakeholders. Our creative change consultants know how to bring the right people and information together at the right time in a fun and engaging manner, leading to less re-sistance and better outcomes for your project.


Our experts will work in close partnership with project management and stakeholders to con-duct a change impact assessment and build a change and communication strategy that is tai-lored to the impact and stakeholder needs.


A change impact assessment will be carried out by an expert with a minimum of 10 years relevant experience in change management, communica-tions, and strategic governance in IT and the Oil & Gas Industry. Our change experts will work in strategic partnership with project management and key stakeholders. The resources required to deliver the change and communications strategy depends on the complexity of the change and al-located timelines.


The effort of the assessment and execution of the change strategy depends on the scope and com-plexity of the envisioned change. To optimize the outcome of your program it is important to onboard our change experts as early as possible in the program, and preferably no later than the design phase.


Triple EEE’s change management experts will de-liver a change impact assessment, a stakeholder analysis, a change strategy, a communications plan, training and related content and collateral, including presentations and reports.

Our experts can also facilitate and prepare (large) staff engagements, training sessions, decision re-view board (DRB) meetings and Executive brief-ings.


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