D-008 - Contract Review and Tendering


With more than 30 years experience in the IT industry obtained around the world Triple EEE is the perfect partner to assist in reviewing your IT contracts or assisting with writing tender documents for new IT (outsourcing) contracts.

Our consultants have experience in IT contract management and tender processes for large infrastructure, telecommunication or operational activities with values of 100 Million or higher. This experience is not just obtained in Western Europe but also in different cultures and business landscapes such as the Middle East, Africa, South America etc.

By utilizing the Triple EEE team you quickly gain experience obtained in one of the largest oil companies around the world.

Advantage of our contract management review & tendering assistance :

The advantage of using Triple EEE experience in proper contracting / tendering are far reaching and include but are not limited to:

  • Cost reduction.
  • Performance improvement/incentives of contractor/supplier.
  • Limiting risk of contract increases due to unexpected contract changes.
  • Exit clauses to prevent lock-in.
  • Contractually managing HSE or/and IT security risks.
  • Contract selection criteria based on job scope/cost.
  • Penalty clauses in case of non compliance by the supplier/contractor.

The various options Triple EEE can provide :

  • Reviewing the draft tendering document written by the client organisation.
  • Gathering the business requirements and writing the tender document.
  • Consultancy during the entire tendering process
  • Reviewing the contract submissions by the various suppliers/contractors.
  • Review contract/supplier performance of already existing contracts, including potential non compliance.
  • Assisting with contract negotiations.
  • Consultancy during migration from supplier in case of IT outsourcing.
  • Assistance of (young) client’s staff in above processes with the objective to train them for future contract management jobs.

These services can be provided on-site or partly remote from the Triple EEE offices.

The duration and cost / charging method

The duration of a relatively small or not complex contract review is expected to take in the range of week(s) and can be charged on a fixed turn key price. The duration of large IT contract of 100 Million plus can take considerable time (months or possible even longer depending on the complexity) and is typically charged out on a consultancy basis


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