D-011 - SAP BW and HANA Data Warehouse Health Check


Many large businesses have organically grown their SAP estate and the Datawarehouse over a long period. Support packs and upgrades have been applied. SAP BW was migrated to HANA inmemory DB; a portion of the estate was migrated to the cloud; more and more solutions were built.

But did you optimise your development principles for your Datawarehouse in the mean time? Or is there still significant legacy, with as a consequence slow, non-agile development; higher data footprint and higher run & maintain costs?

Our SAP Datawarehouse health check service has been created to assess if your DW analytics platform approach has adopted modern, agile principles including but not limited to:

  • Ingestion mechanism, i.e. extractors vs SLT, SDI replication vs virtualization
  • 1+ persistence principle (persist once for corporate memory, then virtualize rest or at best the calculated business logic only)
  • A logic grouping framework for artefacts (developers to follow)
  • Data tiering adoption (aged / column store data can be place in warm/cold)
  • Design principles/guidelines

Benefits of investing in a modern DW

  • Harvest value early in analytics delivery
  • Accelerate delivery alongside legacy build
  • Embed data tiering into your modern DW from day 1 to keep storage cost lean
  • Reduce the number of developers required to churn analytics assets

Factors included in modern DW design

  • Existing source landscape (ERP, non-ERP) What´s the best method of provisioning the data for analytics?
  • DW design principles How does one accelerate delivery via virtualization of data?
  • Data Tiering How does one accelerate offloading less accessed data to warm or cold storage
  • Design principles How do you group artefacts when suddenly it is no longer full persistence along all layers?
  • Sustained Design: Design authority & QA How do you structure a team to QA early and ensure consistent quality in delivery?


The following products will be produced:

  • Context Interviews with data platform owner, architects to understand journey to date and design aspirations
  • Assessment of maturity in adopting modern, agile DW principles (see intro)
  • High-level outline on how to initiate modern, agile DW principles in SAP latest BW/HANA technology support packs
  • Alignment on next steps, i.e. hands on in terms of setting up modern design principles and work with developer community, potentially pick a PoC candidate.


We offer a modern, agile DW health check within 10-man days based on modern/agile principles


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