D-014 - IT Strategy Formulation


Over the years Information Technology has evolved from its traditional orientation of administrative support to a more strategic role featuring on the executive agenda. Still many companies struggle to define a coherent IT Strategy, involving business, technology, organization and the people aspect.

With more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry obtained around the world, Triple EEE is the perfect partner to help you define or refine your IT Strategy.

Our consultants have experience in defining or refining IT Strategy, ensuring alignment between business and technology aspects. This experience has been obtained through engagements in multinational, industrial businesses.

By utilizing the Triple EEE team you quickly gain experience obtained in one of the largest oil companies around the world.

Advantage of our IT Strategy formulation assistance:

The advantage of using Triple EEE experience to define an IT Strategy are far reaching and include:

  • Alignment between IT investments and strategic business initiatives
  • Well-defined business-IT governance
  • IT organization strategic options
  • Strategic technology choices defined
  • High-level change trajectory defined to support the new strategy
  • High-level training plans to support

The various options Triple EEE can provide:

  • Reviewing the current IT Strategy
  • Defining a new IT Strategy

These services can be provided on-site or partly remote from the Triple EEE offices.

The duration and cost / charging method

The duration of an IT Strategy formulation varies from a couple of weeks to a few months. Duration depends on the level of detail required (review or new), and the size and complexity of the organization (multinational Y/N, multiple business units Y/N). The cost are typically charged on a T&M basis.

Consideration needs to be given to collecting data before the start of the project. It is by definition on the critical path and typically causes significant delay. Availability of IT expenditures and IT investment plans, number of IT staff, organization diagrams, current technology choices, description of strategic business initiatives, IT training curriculum are absolutely key to smooth project progress. Involving company resources to collect and analyze this data typically speeds up the progress.


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