S-001 - Site Management Review

The site management review provides the leader-ship of a refinery or a petrochemical manufacturing site an independent overall view of their management approach.

The formally established management systems of the site are verified against a benchmark that has been tested extensively in practice.

Interviews with people at various levels in the organization are done to estimate how well the site is equipped to achieve its business objectives. Improvements are recommended in the overall leadership approach, in the site managements systems and in their implementation, with an indication of urgency the improvement actions should have.

The Site Management Review covers all business processes for a refinery or a petrochemical manufacturing site, including (hydrocarbon) supply chain management, operations, inspection, maintenance, contracting and procurement, HSE, HR and execution of projects for new facilities.

The SMR is carried out in two stages:

1) the preparation phase, and

2) the site visit.

During the preparation stage, the team leader of the SMR team summarises relevant site information, such as the manufacturing processes being used, the site’s assets, the management systems, key performance indicators, business objectives and business results, a risk profile and risk management approach, recent audit reports, etc. A briefing note is prepared for the 2 – 3 other members of the SMR team. In the preparation stage, the site leadership team is expected to carry out a self-assessment, on the basis of a questionnaire provided.

During the site visit, the SMR team will not only meet the leadership team, but will conduct interviews with a cross section of people in various departments and at various organisational levels. In addition to answering questions, people are expected to demonstrate the systems and documents they use when carrying out their duties. Duration of the site visit typically is one week.

The site visit begins and ends with a joint meeting of the leadership team and the SMR team. In the opening meeting, the leadership team explains the business objectives, the challenges and their priorities. In the closing meeting the SMR team presents their observations, conclusions and recommendations, with an opportunity for discussion. The SMR team will have done their independent assessment of the questionnaire – thus providing an interesting comparison with the leadership team’s self assessment.

A final report on the SMR should be available a few weeks after the site visit – depending on the time required for a comments round.

Assistance in implementing the recommendations can be provided as an optional additional service by Triple EEE Management Support B.V.



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