S-004 - Incident Control in the Oil and Gas Industry

Triple EEE offers its Clients in the Oil & Gas Industry customized solutions in optimizing incident control measures.

Organising or improving an incident control organisation starts with an inventory of the current risks. In cooperation with the Client Triple EEE develops a plan of action for assessing the existing risks in the organisation. Points for improvement are suggested in areas such as prevention, preparation and actual incident combating; these are summarised in an implementation plan.

The existing risks are shown in a quick scan followed by an extensive risk assessment.
After this we provide Client with the first recommendations with regard to preventive provisions. In addition a selection of representative scenarios takes place. The effects of the scenarios are calculated and visualised by means of innovative and practical software. The results are used to investigate if existing preventive measures are sufficient to prevent further escalation of the incident (knock-on effect). We also check if the present repressive means are sufficient for the normative scenarios.

The results of the quick scan and risk assessment are described in a risk report. The recommendations in this report are used as the input for the implementation plan, which provides the further details of the preventive and repressive measures to be taken.
These measures are the basis of the pre incident plans to be developed. A pre incident plan describes the outlines of the normative scenario and the repressive actions to be taken.

After the risks have been described and the normative scenarios have been established a company emergency organisation can be developed and set up.
A four layer model is used for setting up or optimizing an existing company emergency organisation. This is in accordance with the four levels for incident combating, i.e. skills, operational, tactical and strategic.

For an emergency organisation to function properly it is of vital importance to have clarity with regard to tasks, authorisations and responsibilities in every layer of the organisation. By exercising the normative scenarios one not only becomes familiar with one’s own scenarios, but also with the preventive and repressive means present.

It is also possible to audit company procedures, as well as the performance of the company emergency organisation. By means of a virtual reality system the scenarios can be exercised and tested in advance, before they are performed in practice.

The products described above are tuned to the specific situations and Client’s wishes.
Tailor-made service makes it possible to offer parts of the program separately.



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