S-005 - Opportunities for Improvement Review - Downstream

An Opportunities for Improvement Review (OIR) provides the leadership of a Refinery with an analysis of the opportunities that exist to improve their business.

These opportunities relate to all aspects of the business such as safety, supply chain, operations, maintenance, logistics, contracting and procurement, human resources, and organisation. The review not only results in an analysis but also describes recommendations for improvement in the different business areas including a quantitative indication of the gains that can be obtained once these recommendations are implemented.

The review also includes an integrated plan how to implement the recommendations.

An important aspect of the OIR is that the review is not conducted by the OIR team in isolation but in close cooperation with client staff. The objective of this approach is to gain “buy-in” for the analysis and the recommendations being made by the team.

The OIR is carried out in two stages:

the preparation phase and
the site visit.
During the preparation phase the team leader of the OIR team gathers relevant site information such as the manufacturing processes being used, the site assets, key performance indicators, business objectives and business results.

At the end of the preparation phase a briefing note for the other team members of the OIR team is prepared.

The OIR team consist of members each having expertise in one of the relevant business aspects to be reviewed and will each team up with a number of client representatives to form separate aspect specific teams in each of the main business aspects e.g. Hydrocarbon Management, Maintenance, Safety and HR & Organisation.

During the site visit the OIR team will meet the leadership team and will conduct interviews with a cross section of people in various departments and at various organizational levels.

Following these interviews the individual OIR team members with their client representatives i.e. the aspect specific teams will analyze the data obtained, explore opportunities for improvement and develop recommendations for their aspect of the business.

Duration of the site visit may vary depending upon the depth of analysis required. A minimum of two weeks is required.

The site visit begins and ends with a joint meeting between the site leadership team and the OIR team. In the opening meeting the leadership team explains the business objectives, the challenges they face and their priorities. In the closing meeting the OIR team presents their observations, conclusions and recommendations with an opportunity for discussion. This close out presentation is normally done by the client representatives in the team.

To gain real benefit from the OIR this phase should be followed by an implementation phase during which the proposals for improvement are being implemented. Assistance in implementation can be provided as an optional service by Triple EEE Management Support.

Several Triple EEE Management Support Consultants have hands on experience with this methodology in refineries. The track record of this methodology in terms of implemented benefits ranges from $ 0.2 to $1 per barrel processed.



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