S-007 - Health, Safety and Environment and Quality review (HSEQ)


The purpose of the HSEQ Review is:

  • to assess the risks of vulnerability to people, assets and environment (water, air, soil, waste products) by the operations at the industrial site
  • to analyse operational performance as regulated by (regional) law and regulations
  • to identify opportunities for continuous improvement in compliance with rules and regulations

Prior to the Review:

  • the area of interest will be defined with the Site Management (operations, utilities, offsite/onsite tankage, piping, marine terminals, procedures, standards) Review, and
  • a team of limited size will during a short period preview the agreed area of interest by conducting interviews, taking spot samples of operations records.

After the Preview the site will be visited by a team (site size dependent) of operations and technology experts.

Checks will be made along a standard questionnaire covering operations, maintenance, training, technology.

As a tool to arrive at sustainability of the improvements the model HSE Management System will be applied.

Outcome of the Review

A report of findings and recommendations for adjustment will be discussed and agreed with Management and other relevant parties.
The report will contain findings and recommendations covering:

  • Policy and Objectives
  • Organisation, Responsibilities and Resources
  • Standards and Procedures
  • Implementation Performance monitoring
  • Audit process
  • Management Review
  • Control, correction and Improvement proposals


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