S-012 - Onshore Drilling Logistics


Logistics manages the availability of people, equipment and materials and has a decisive influence on the economics of onshore drilling operations. This influence starts at the very first stages of field strategy development and continues during the entire life cycle of the field. After the first excitement of the discovery of (recoverable) hydrocarbons from reservoir studies, the next step of starting to organize the actual drilling campaign has to be taken . This is the phase where a lot of time and money can be lost or gained. A thorough logistic plan would be influencing all the following stages up to the abandonment of the reservoir at the end of the field life cycle. This is why Triple EEE offers its expertise to help organize and advise Clients on their Onshore Drilling Logistics campaigns.

Triple EEE Onshore Drilling Logistics

Triple EEE is in a position to support operating and drilling companies in setting up and managing their Onshore Drilling Logistics. Triple EEE consultants have been managing Onshore Drilling Logistics campaigns for extensive periods of their careers all over the world. They know in advance what problems to expect and what aspects of the campaign need extra attention in order to avoid problems and delay of the operations. Our consultants are happy to share their experience with others.

Types of Services
  • Strategy & Operational Plan Development:
    On the initial phase of writing the Logistic operation plan, The Triple EEE consultant takes the lead in developing a Drilling Logistic campaign right from the start, including the logistic strategy development.
  • Mobilisation and operations management:
    Triple EEE consultants provide advice and support during mobilisation and logistics operations.
  • Contract Management:
    Triple EEE consultant advises on, negotiates and manages the contracts with the contractors involved in the logistic operations.
  • Training:
    Training of (local) staff on e.g.: Safety, Logistic Management and Transportation operations.
  • Audits:
    Audits on Safety or Logistic efficiency of a running drilling operation.


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