S-018 - Fact Based Decontamination Support

Unit Decontamination Support

Decontamination forms a major part of your turnaround costs and total time – many maintenance tasks cannot even start until decontamination is complete. We have vast experience of world-wide best practices in decontamination, and we can help you to save time and money. Typical savings of 1-3 days in turnaround time can be achieved.

What we deliver is a workshop with:

    • On-site training in concepts of decontamination and practical techniques (principles of fact based decontamination; the use of surfactants)
    • Identification of the most appropriate techniques for your specific turnaround requirements
    • Help in preparing a work plan (identifying requirements, choosing a surfactant, scope for contracts, operating procedures, disposal options).

The initial work takes 3-5 days, and needs 6-8 experienced people from operations, technology and maintenance who are involved in the turnaround planning and execution. The workshop contains an extensive presentation of the decontamination principles and it includes a laboratory demonstration of a chemical cleaning procedure. Furthermore, every unit in the decontamination plan is challenged on its current procedure. Each unit discussion takes minimum one day. The result of the workshop is an agreed and renewed plan for decontamination. The unit staff will be ready to write the new procedure. Ongoing support will depend on your specific circumstances: number of units, existing and proposed procedures, and your own available effort. The best time for the decontamination workshop is normally 18 – 12 months ahead of the turnaround. It is recommended to organize a review meeting a few months after the workshop. A risk assessment session will be part of this review to safeguard operational staff for potential flaws


The fact based monitoring approach can help the user save time and money. It will gain

    • Reduced turnaround time, form several hours to even days
    • Improved readiness for maintenance work
    • Improved safety
    • Improved environmental performance
    • Better decontamination: a cleaner unit


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