S-019 - Shutdown Management

The Shutdown Management Business Process is a structured process for managing plant shutdowns. The principles of the process are based on the risks to the business, in terms of assets, people, environment and reputation.

A successful Shutdown is

completing the Shutdown scope on time, within budget and to HSE targets

“Flawless” Shutdown, Commissioning and Start-up including a next cycle operation not hampered by flaws originating from the Shutdown.
Implementation of a structured Shutdown Business process will improve the effectiveness of doing the right things and the efficiency of doing things right.

The key features of a Shutdown Management Business Process are:

  • A clear Shutdown Management Business Process and Strategy assessment
  • A timely kick-off during which the premises are set and a “leader” is appointed.
  • A structured challenge of the work scope by a multi-disciplined team, with a risk assessment based methodology.
  • A peer review of selected high cost / duration items aimed at finding lower cost / duration alternatives, followed by freezing the work scope.
  • A shutdown contracts strategy, incl. timely award of contract(s)
  • A tough business hurdle for all new work which emerges after the “freeze”.
  • A detailed computerized integrated execution plan based on a critical path made by a multi-discipline team. Involvement of contractor(s) in this. This is accomplished with sufficient time for mobilization and preparation of infrastructure.
  • A shutdown decontamination workshop.
  • Execution as a seamless and integrated process including communication plan, formal handover.
  • Quality management in every step of the process. Including readiness reviews.
  • A post implementation review while the experience is still fresh. Feedback from this review to all the process steps.

Triple EEE has all the experience to make your Shutdown Management a success. We can assist in the overall process, but also help with elements like a Decontamination workshop.



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