S-020 - Legal Services

At Triple EEE we stand for Experience, Expertise and Excellence. It’s our people who deliver on this commitment.
It’s also our people who are experts in advising and helping your people to gain experience, develop expertise and deliver excellence in what they do.

We do this through a wide variety of technical services. However our people do not only have top-notch technical expertise but are also experienced in solving and advising on all sorts of legal issues. Our people can therefore assist and help you in creating value.

In close cooperation with you Triple EEE can transfer our legal experience and expertise to you. We achieve this by providing high quality legal services in a proactive, cost efficient and professional manner with a view to furthering your business objectives.

Triple EEE is able to draw resources from a pool of very experienced professionals who have a proven track record in the Energy industry and are available at short notice.

These services cover area’s such as:

  • M&A work
  • Complex Joint Ventures
  • Disposals and Corporate Restructuring
  • Production Sharing Agreements
  • HSE issues including Soil Pollution
  • License and Permit applications and issues
  • Construction Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Commercial Agreements e.g. Gas Sales Agreements
  • Compliance and Regulatory matters.

The above mentioned legal services can be provided directly or indirectly by way of coaching your people on how to add value to your business.



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