S-023 - Upstream Development and Operations


The success of oil & gas production opportunities depends strongly on the ability to understand upfront the technical and commercial aspects of each of the phases of the opportunity realization, from opportunity identification and engineering through production operations all the way to decommissioning. Triple EEE has access to all expertise areas required to support customers with understanding and evaluating all technical and commercial aspects of the full lifecycle of an opportunity. Apart from secondment of staff with relevant expertise, Triple EEE can bring together integrated teams of experts that can study specific aspects of an opportunity as well as carry out reviews at critical stages of the project. Examples are:

Opportunity initiation and definition:

Field development plans are the core component of the decision making process during each phase of an upstream project with increasing accuracy requirements as the project progresses through its phases. Triple EEE can provide (teams of) experts that can assist the customer in such expertise areas as:
  • Basin modeling
  • Static & Dynamic Reservoir modeling (Triple EEE has experienced reservoir engineers who are conversant with most modeling software packages currently available)
  • Production profile forecasting
  • Well configuration & design
  • Field economics
  • Field evaluation
  • Geomechanics
  • Facilities engineering (conceptual engineering, process engineering, equipment engineering, materials selection)
Project execution:

In the execution phase of the project Triple EEE can support the customer in, for instance, the following areas:

  • Feasibilty assessment of the project plan
  • General QA / QC
  • Cost engineering
  • Legal & contracting
  • HSE management
  • General project management support
  • Operational readiness
Production operations:

Examples of expertise areas covering the production operations phase are:

  • Reservoir monitoring & management
  • Production optimization
  • Production technology and production chemistry
  • Technical Integrity reviews
  • Corrosion control & management


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