S-024 - Employee Engagement


Truly successful organizations need skilled people, who are motivated, and are given the opportunity to contribute. These organizations have better financial and operational results.

Motivation, or employee engagement, thus is a core element of the HR value chain.


Our consultancy focuses on enhancing the effectiveness and the efficiency of your employee engagement program.

  • The theoretical model underlying the concept of employee engagement: understand it, be able to use it, and arrive at a definition that suits your company, while taking into account the Executives’ main ambitions and transformation plan.
  • The impact of leadership: understand the role of the line manager, study a suite of leadership skills derived from successful manager’s behaviour.
  • The position of employee engagement: who should be the champion? Who is responsible for the level of employee engagement? What is the role of HR?
  • The distinction between transactional and transformational engagement: the difference between ‘acting on a survey’ and working on levels of engagement as part of leader’s day to day activities.
  • The design of your engagement survey: review of the questionnaire, ensuring the questionnaire supports your organisation’s ambitions and transformation journey.
  • The follow up on your engagement survey: reporting of results to executive and line management, dialogue within teams, use of engagement data for other purposes.
  • A review of the existing engagement survey process describes elements such as the use of web based survey vs. paper questionnaires, the number of variations of your questionnaire, the approach towards composing your population as well as your organizational structure, the quality of the documentation, the resourcing of the central project team.
  • We will undertake to suggest improvements to the efficiency of this process and, as well as reductions of the external cost.
  • The position of your engagement survey will be reviewed in relation to other main surveys in your organization.
  • Assist in your vendor selection (RfI, RfP) process.
Wider use of engagement data

If properly set up, data from your engagement survey can be connected not only with other HR data, but also with business performance data. This forms the basis for wider use of your engagement data, contributing to data based HR.

We will address your current use of engagement data and work with you to enhance the use of this valuable data. Together, we will develop a pilot for correlating engagement data with other business data and present the outcomes in relation to a business issue.

How we work

We believe strongly that working in partnership with all involved is crucial for making your engagement program more effective and efficient. Our experience, expertise and knowledge of ‘the engagement industry’ will be contributed in a way that is fully balanced with the stage that your engagement journey is in.



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