S-026 - Business Control Framework


Risks and opportunities to realise your business goals go hand in hand. By controlling the risks, you increase the chances to achieve your goals. You want to be ‘In Control of your Business’ and that is our expertise. We are experts to set up your Business Control Framework. Additionally external international requirements like SOX 404, IFRS, COSO and ISO standards feature more and more prominently and compliance must be ensured. Our Business Control Framework allows you to issue confidently your ‘in control’ statement.

No risks, no returns

Continuously, your aim is to convert business opportunities into business returns. Taking risks is key and is inevitable: no risks, no returns. But, how to respond when risks turn into reality? How well prepared are you? Avoid unpleasant surprises through effective risk management. Our pragmatic method offers you an effective and proven approach to identify, monitor and control risks.

Take advantage of effective risk management

Business continuity is the highest priority for you and your employees. Also, stakeholders like Investors, Governments, Regulators and Banks increasingly expect you to demonstrate that your risk management is up to standard. Effective risk management enables you to prioritise and concentrate on key business risks. You are aware of impacts and you are prepared for prompt and adequate action should a risk actually materialise. Effective risk management considerably reduces the likelihood of negative financial consequences and reputational damage.

Demonstrably 'In Control of your Business'

The Business Control Framework addressing your business risks ensures reasonable assurance of being ‘In Control of your Business’. We will provide you with a razor-sharp analysis of your commercial and financial processes. We will design pragmatic risk-based controls, implement and train your staff to make these controls part of their daily work.

By implementing the Business Control Framework you have a professional and pragmatic approach to effective risk management and your Business Control Framework will meet standards currently required by the markets, such as SOX, COSO and ISO 31000.



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