S-027 - Marine Operations and Services


Operations either offshore or in port are exposed to an ever changing environment of rules and regulations. Your operations have to comply with IMO, OCIMF, international conventions and local regulations. Your ISO certification requires regular internal verification and updates of procedures which the certification authority audits at regular intervals. Your workforce needs to adept to all changes and apply your latest operating procedures. Human behaviour or actions have serious implications on your operational exposure and the results of your company.


Our consultancy focuses on your marine operations, either Oil or Gas and the effectiveness of your operating procedures. It verifies the compliance with the applicable regulations. It identifies weaknesses and proposes modifications. It assists in the incorporation of proposed changes in your procedures and follows up on the correct application of changes with your workforce.

  • Review of procedures, work instructions against current IMO, OCIMF, ISO recommendation & Class regulations.
  • Update existing or write new procedures.
  • Training of local and overseas staff in application of company procedures and international standards.
  • Provide interim operational management.
  • Develop procedures, work instructions for newly developed sites or services. Training of staff on those sites.
  • Identify required resources for Port or Terminal operations like tugs, anchor handler, dive support, line handlers, pilot services, pilot boat, bunker facilities, bunker barges
  • Assist as client representative in commissioning of terminal equipment, such as SBM’s or jetties and its connected pipelines and equipment. This may include custody transfer equipment and vapour recovery systems.
  • Scheduling of jetty operations, monitor vessel performance and port turnaround times in line with client expectation.
Work method
Our consultant will be partner in your team on site. He works with your team to identify his scope of work in your project. The work scope and time line will be agreed with your management. Progress will be reported and monitored against target.


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