S-029 - Well Engineering Competency Management

As recent oil and gas field incidents, and subsequent legal judgements, have demonstrated the issue of having a robust and effective means of Competency Management has never been more pressing. The formal investigations into the Montara, and Macondo incidents discovered two separate key findings. Almost all those associated with the offshore Australia, Montara, blow out demonstrated a lack of competence. The Macondo report focuses on the causative role of Organisational Accident Theory (OAT – The Swiss Cheese Model). The costs to both reputation, and the balance sheet, of the two operators of these wells is massive and growing. Designing and implementing a robust, integrated, and operationally practical “Competency Framework” precisely aims at complementing the ongoing initiatives of improving the competency of Well site personnel but importantly has the potential to reveal weaknesses in the intended barriers be they personal, or organisational.
Implementing an effective Competency Management Framework requires the introduction, and embedding, of the following organisational “pillars”:

  • Formalises a clear and precise Job Process Analysis to identify in a Plan / Execute / Review sequence the individual Tasks necessary and sufficient for the company to safely and appropriately undertake and reach its intended outcomes.
  • Provides an unambiguous and seamless identification of the Competencies required to undertake these tasks, and allocates specific responsibilities to individual staff members specific to the job assignments given to them.
  • Introduces a fair and transparent methodology of assessing and comparing the individual’s competency attainment to the job level (Awareness / Knowledge / Skill / Mastery) requirement and in the event of a shortcoming being identified recommends appropriate training routes to close any gaps.
Tangible and intangible benefits of implementing an effective Competency Management Framework include:
  • Minimisation of the potential for any operational Risk developing into an actual Incident thereby protecting Corporate image, and reputation, and avoiding the costs of rectifying the situation.
  • Builds confidence that planning decisions deliver the Best Available & Safest Technologies (BAST) with regard to potential risk and allows for the timely and optimum planning for Job execution.
  • Introduces a Competency assessment strategy and methodology which provides staff with appropriate learning routes at minimal cost with maximum effectiveness.
A practical Well Engineering Competency Framework has been developed by Triple EEE. The prime objective of this is by the implementation of a comprehensive competency management process will minimise Corporate exposure to incidents arising from Organisational and/or Individual competency inadequacy. Triple EEE can assist in providing support in implementing all aspects of this Framework.


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