S-030 - Integrated Performance Support / Organizational Excellence


Organizational Excellence (OE) is the systematic management of all relevant performance in manufacturing organizations, including but not limited to process safety, personal safety, health, environment, reliability, efficiency. OE thus forms the basis for integrated asset optimization based on 4 key areas: Simplified and effective Processes and Systems, Aligned and Synergetic Culture, Fit for Purpose structure and finally Competent and energized people. All four elements will need to be underpinned by engaged and adaptive leadership. Our program has a holistic approach:

  • Understanding the key issues and establishment of the relationship
  • Diagnostic by organizational health check and identification of areas for improvement
  • Co-creation of solutions in a business improvement plan
  • Delivery and/or support of implementation
  • Sustain and anchor new ways of working

The purpose of the program is to enable people to understand where improvement areas exist and execute a plan that delivers results in the business where:

  • There is no harm to people or the environment (health, safety, security, environment)
  • All assets are safe, and we know it (asset integrity and process safety are on par)
  • Production is optimized in the most economical way
  • Spent is only what it takes to ensure value is delivered (costs are optimum)
  • Everyone contributes to their full capability

By using the holistic approach, we analyze the full spectrum of the organizational excellence model which will show the ability of the organization to function effectively and efficiently to achieve its strategic intent. The model is versatile and allows us to do diagnostics, analytics, and engagement. Whereby the focus will be on leadership, processes, structure, people, and culture.

By looking at the focus areas and finding the areas for improvement we propose a model by which the processes are boosted in performance and the synergies are used to the maximum to enhance output.

Outcome of the analysis

Triple EEE will provide a report of findings and recommendations for improvement, covering:

  • Fit for purpose solutions, scalable as required
  • Oil to make it work and glue to make it stick
  • Rigorous prioritization
  • Alignment with the business agenda
  • Executive and suggested management sponsorship
  • Systemic approach based on many programs
  • we have run with clients
  • Tailored solutions
  • Balanced support and challenge
Follow up potential

If included in the scope or tendered/contracted separately Triple EEE will – jointly with the client team/representative(s) – draw up a detailed focused improvement plan with the aspired pace and milestones for delivery and implementation.



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