S-034 - M&A and Investment Support


Founded in the experience, excellence and expertise of our staff, Triple EEE can offer services and solutions to Energy companies, governments, banks and investors worldwide, for example by supporting M&A and other investment activities. We can help the client generate coherent investment or divestment proposals – both for upstream and downstream – leading to quality business decisions. This could apply to bid rounds, data rooms, M&A studies and other investment opportunity investigations.

Examples of services we can offer are:

  • Screening and feasibility studies
  • Data room attendance & analysis
  • Integrated Evaluation studies
    • Evaluation of data into coherent, quality business proposals.
    • Hydrocarbon resource volume assessments, including remaining volume studies in brownfields
    • Concept and cost engineering studies.
  • Technical consultation
    • Functional experience and expertise across the oil and gas project lifecycle
    • For example, subsurface studies, accessibility studies, including environmental and socio-political aspects, engineering design and costing studies, field operations, HSE
  • Product, portfolio & company analysis
    • Market analysis
    • Industry comparisons
    • Risk & opportunity analysis
  • Well engineering support
    • Well design and costing
    • Field supervision
    • Logistics and construction
  • Operations & Maintenance support
    • Implementation of manual of authorities and procedures
    • Cost reduction and performance improvement initiatives
  • HSE consultancy
    • Procedures
    • Regulatory framework
  • Financial advice
    • Financial analysis
    • Accounting procedures set-up
    • Contracting & Procurement
  • IM/IT advice
    • IT set-up
    • Data management procedures
  • Organizational studies and support
    • Capacity and capability assessments
    • Organizational performance assessment
    • Courses and short-term assignments of Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Commercial support
    • Bid proposal input and coordination
    • Negotiation tactics and representation
    • Fiscals
    • Transaction
  • Legal advice
    • Contractual framework
    • Compliance
    • Liabilities
    • Litigation
  • Economic analysis
    • Valuation through life cycle cost, cash flow and revenue assessments
  • Work programme & budget delineation
    • Provide optimized Exploration & Appraisal derisking strategy by focusing and prioritizing operational activities on key risks, lowering costs and speeding up the decision making
    • Integrated field development, engineering, construction, drilling, production operations and maintenance planning, reducing downtime and maximizing value
  • Independent & integrated reviews
    • QAQC of the technical quality, integrity and internal consistency of business proposals
    • TECOP (Technical, Economic, Commercial, Organizational and Socio-Political) analysis to understand the full range of aspects that could impact success and value
    • Identification of value erosion risks, and defining mitigation measures
    • Identification of value enhancement opportunities
  • Due diligence support
    • Technical and financial integrity investigations
    • Field and plant inspections, for example surface conditions, environmental impact, legacy well status, maintenance status
  • Post-deal integration support
    • Integration management
    • Realization of identified synergies
    • Interim project management

We can offer these services on an ad hoc basis, but can also offer a help desk as part of a Technical Service Agreement. We also provide a wide range of Training Programs, and can provide coaching.



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