S-036 - Socio-Political Assessment and Stakeholder Management

Triple EEE Management Support B.V. brokers the experience, excellence and expertise of a large pool of staff, many of whom former Shell managers and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s). As such, we support the management of Energy companies, governments, and investors worldwide by providing services and solutions to problems being faced. With our deep understanding of your industry, and our ability to work in international and multi-cultural environments, we can help you develop and implement solutions tailored to your needs.

The scope of our services goes from strategic, technical and operational advice to hands-on implementation support, coaching, recruitment and training.

Examples of Socio-Political services & solutions we can offer are:

  • Socio-Political assessment
    • Country political analysis
    • Population dynamics
    • Business environment
    • Economic outlook analysis
    • Government decision making analysis
    • Regulatory/permitting requirements
    • Environmental concerns
    • Social responsibility analysis
    • Sustainable development strategy
    • Oil industry and partner positioning
    • Societal acceptance analysis
    • Non-Governmental Organizations
    • Localisation and local content aspects
    • Economic impact assessment (energy mix, investment, employment)
    • Project risk assessment (societal, po-litical, environmental, cultural)
    • In-country security analysis
    • Emergency response
    • Crisis management
    • Roadmap to success, including trust building and risk mitigation measures

Stakeholder management

      • Stakeholder identification
      • Critical success factors analysis
      • Stakeholder expectation analysis
      • Stakeholder impact mapping (opposi-tion, influence, support, interest)
      • Risk & opportunity assessment
      • Stakeholder alignment priority plan, including risk mitigation measures
    • Communication and engagement plan
      • Branding and marketing support
      • Reputation management
      • Transparency of business decisions and practices
      • Communication and stakeholder en-gagement strategy
      • Media and public society engagement strategy
      • Stakeholder and local community goodwill
      • External liaison support

We can offer these services on an ad hoc basis, but are also in the position to offer a help desk as part of a Technical Service Agreement.



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