S-037 - Drilling the Limit


Have you considered what impact a sustainably improved well delivery performance (faster and cheaper wells) could have on your business? What if such improvements could extend beyond wells and impact field development concepts? Significant improvements are possible, through applying a variety of industry tested and proven methodologies.

In the oil and gas industry, drilling the right wells and doing that right is KEY to success. Faster wells are a way to optimise cost, but there are more ways to optimise value. For example, optimally placed wells can develop fields in a much more economic manner.

Improved well delivery performance requires an integrated strategy and decision making, followed by detailed preparation and execution through an integrated team of subsurface staff, drilling, completion, production staff from client, contractors and vendors. Main objective for this team is to deliver wells as planned and intended in a flawless manner, with a minimum of waste. A key success factor is buy-in and full support from the client’s senior management team, in trying out new concepts and methodologies.

Based on the experience of our staff, Triple EEE Management Support can support your efforts and teams, by introducing methodologies, catered to your needs. Triple EEE can provide facilitation and temporary resources, as needed, to jointly deliver the optimum performance you aspire to and to unlock the full potential of your assets.


Primary purpose of the Drilling the Limit programs is to jointly deliver optimum performance, efficiency and effectiveness in your well delivery operations and field development programs. Secondary purpose of this program is to help you establish what other opportunities could be unlocked to maturity, by applying a sustained improved well delivery performance on other well projects and by optimising field development concepts.
Triple EEE brings extensive experience in programs like Drilling the Limit and Realizing the Limit*. Bringing this to bear, we can perform a ‘Base Line Assessment’ with your team to assess the current Well Delivery and Well Production performance base line and to identify potential opportunities that could be unlocked. Such an assessment reviews your existing processes in decision making, activity planning, well design, cost structure, performance levels, risks and opportunities for improvement. Key deliverable of the ‘Base Line Assessment’ is an opportunity realisation plan with a number of quick-win solutions, as well as medium- to longer-term optimisation opportunities. This plan can be confined to well engineering aspects only, or when larger scope has been identified could encompass Realizing the Limit aspects. If required, Triple EEE can also support the rollout of the methodology and subsequent project planning and execution efforts, for example by assigning highly experienced coaches to your Well Delivery teams, making sure they are enabled to deliver the ultimate performance. The assigned Triple EEE staff can either support the selected project(s) full time within your organisation or can provide support on a part-time basis.
Program Outcome

Experience has shown that depending on the starting point, initial time saving can be 10-30% per well, thereafter potentially increasing to 30-60%.

Savings from wells in the drilling program will more than self-fund the implementation efforts by Triple EEE. Moreover, an established performance improvement and new planning approaches may enable you to unlock and develop hitherto marginal wells and fields. Improved well costs and unlocked additional scope will significantly impact your bottom line, especially in a low oil price world. It may offer a means to survival.

The integrated, detailed planning and execution efforts will pave the way to ‘best in class performance’ as evidenced by benchmarking. Prolonged implementation will generate and foster a performance and ‘can-do’ culture, where creativeness thrives.

Drilling the Limit is an alternative planning approach used in industry through which substantial value gains can be achieved in delivering wells. The methodology challenges the proposed drilling programme by identifying what is possible under perfect conditions. The difference between historical performance and this theoretical limit target represents the improvement opportunity. The end-result is that, though perfection may not be attained, a step change in well delivery performance improvement will be achieved. Realizing The Limit follows a similar approach in project management, integrating multiple disciplines and their activities, such as Geology, Well Engineering, Logistics, C&P, Facility Engineering, Construction and Production Operations. This offers tremendous value and efficiency gains, for example in venture set-up, field development planning, production optimization projects and commercial decision making.



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