S-039 - Commissioning and Start-up Services

The Activity

Asset owners of existing Hydrocarbon plants require at times that their plant is subjected to Turn-Around Maintenance.

Newly constructed plants require, after Mechanical Completion, a Commissioning, Testing and Start-up phase.

For all above activities the permanent manning levels are often insufficient in number and/or their experience inadequate for the non-regular task assignments.

The Process

Turn around maintenance programs for major plant systems require planning and site supervision at various levels. Often concurrent operational interfaces are required to allow parts of the plant to continue its production introducing additional risk to both operators and shutdown workers.

Upon mechanical completion of a newly built plant, a project commissioning team, under guidance of a manager will prepare the plant in all its aspects for the operational life-cycle phase.

Triple EEE staff is experienced in providing On-the-Job training to local staff of various nationalities and languages.

The Benefits
The assignment to a Triple EEE team of those activities which are beyond the everyday operations releases the regular operations and maintenance shifts from unusual activities for which they are not trained nor experienced. It provides them time to be trained and focussed on the integration of the new installations to the existing plant.
The Team

Triple EEE teams are available for supervisory and managerial positions in above mentioned activities. Ranging from Shutdown and Commissioning managers, very experienced Senior Discipline engineers C/ M/ E/ I/ Utilities etc. and Operations Superintendents who are able to take charge of your plant on your behalf during the relevant described activity. All employees have a proven operational supervisory track record of 10-15 years of more.

The Timing

Assignments for a few days, weeks or even years are possible. Staff may work in shift cycle or day service.

Typical staff available:

Full time:       Project manager

                        Engineering manager/PM deputy

                        HSE manager

                        Cost Controller

                        Document controller


Part time:     Process engineer

                        Civil engineer

                        Piping designer

                        Rotating equipment specialist

                        Electrical engineer

                        Instrument/control engineer

                        Procurement/contracting specialist

                        Construction manager

                        Commissioning manager



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