S-042 - Process Safety Management Review


Process Safety is a key risk for the oil and gas industry – both upstream and downstream. As for example sadly demonstrated by the Texas City Refinery explosion back in 2005, incidents have the potential to cause death, injury and serious environmental damage. In addition, the damage to the business can also be serious or even devastating. It is therefore imperative that an oil and gas operator has an adequate management system to deliver Process Safety in their operations. Triple EEE Management Support has the expertise and experience to assess the effectiveness of a Process Safety management system and provide advice for a focused improvement program.

This service can be tailored to meet the client requirements – for example it can be a standalone Process Safety review or it can be integrated with an Asset Integrity review.


The purpose of the Process Safety Management Review is to:

  • assess the strength and effectiveness of the management framework;
  • analyze operational performance and internal assurance programs;
  • identify opportunities for improvement;
  • develop a manageable and measurable focused improvement program.

This last activity is optional, as the client may prefer to do this in-house.


For optimum effectiveness, the review has been structured into 2 phases, starting with a pre-review, typically by the Triple EEE review leader, during which the detailed execution will be defined with the Site Management Team and the logistical arrangements will be made (site visit permits, etc). In addition, the key asset information and other relevant documentation will be made available to the review team for preparation and familiarization purposes.

A few weeks later, the review team will visit for a series of interviews and spot checks of operations / inspection / maintenance records, training records, etc. During the visit, the team of Triple EEE operational and technical experts will inspect the site(s).

Triple EEE uses a structured methodology to compare the established systems in Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, Training and Technology against a virtual staircase of Process Safety Management system and performance.

Outcome of the Review

Triple EEE will prepare a report of findings and recommendations for improvements covering:

  • Leadership and Commitment
  • Resources, Organization, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Standards, Procedures and Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Data Management
  • Change Management
  • Implementation Performance Monitoring
  • Assurance Process – Audit and Review
  • Control, Correction and Improvement Proposals

In the close out meeting this report will be discussed with the Management Team and other interested parties.

Follow-up Focused Improvement Plan

If so included in the scope or contracted separately, Triple EEE will – jointly with the client team – draw up a detailed Focused Improvement Plan. The plan will include the specifics of resources, budgets and training requirements and will be linked to a desired rise up the Process Safety Management staircase. It will be possible to monitor such progress over the next few years following the review.



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