S-046 - Joint Venture Management Support


Across the value chain of the Oil & Gas industry, many Joint Ventures (JV) are active, and in response to the increasing complexity of projects the number of JVs, alliances, consortia and other forms of partnership is increasing. As a result, success becomes more and more dependent on effective JV governance and management and in particular achieving collaboration. At the same time, in every JV there will be different ideas and requirements for example in managing HSE aspects, in achieving business goals, in tracking costs, managing reputation and in stakeholder influencing.

We all have heard about issues that are being faced in JVs, such as:

  • Ineffective project management leading to major project delays and cost over-runs
  • Blocked, delayed or otherwise impaired decisions on JV investments
  • Operating partner lacking the required technical & operational competencies and skills
  • Interventions needed due to strategic conflicts or partner misalignments
  • Suboptimal financial structure & capital discipline
  • Host country issues, e.g. changing commercial terms, ineffective regulation
  • Reputational damage from quality problems or other incidents

As a consequence, many millions of dollars may be lost or stalled through ineffective JV management. Based upon Triple EEE’s experience working with partnerships and participation in JVs across the value chain of the oil & gas industry, we can help you unlock this.

Our consultants, many of whom are former Shell managers, are used to working with complex, multi-disciplinary JV projects in multi-cultural environments. Based on this hands-on experience, Triple EEE can support your JV management efforts, and can do this at every level of your organization, from the Board of Directors down to the JV team’s technical staff.


Aim of Triple EEE’s JV Management Service is to support you in raising the effectiveness of your JV performance management and its contribution to the bottom line of your Upstream, Midstream and Downstream organizations. Based on our experience, we can inform and advise you, are likely to add value and could potentially help you to save or unlock many millions of dollars.

We can provide an external perspective on your JV management and if needed, we can also help you to restructure your venture and mediate in conflicts.


Triple EEE can serve clients through both customized consulting, as well as classroom training involving presentations and discussions of practices relevant to your JV performance management (e.g. value drivers, JV metrics, barriers, stakeholder management, operational readiness, value creation, operational excellence, cost management, assurance, risk & opportunity management, influencing plan, behaviours, accounting procedures). We can perform exercises to boost your JV teams’ influencing skills.

Based on your strategy, we can review your JV governance framework, planning process and organizational set-up, to see whether sufficient controls are in place, roles & responsibilities are properly defined and your teams are supported right. We can look at your information management structure to see whether JV data and learnings are adequately captured. We can assess whether your JV team possesses the right competences and skills and can advise on improvement actions.

Additional support services we can offer to your JV are:

  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Organizational support
  • Project management
  • Venture set-up
  • Legal advice
  • Technical expertise
  • Representation in JVs
  • Value assurance
  • Venture termination
046-Joint Venture Management Support


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