S-048 - Portfolio Management


Portfolio management is often defined as the organizational process of using the information uncovered by portfolio analysis to guide business decisions. As such, it links a client’s strategy to investment properties. For example, the decision makers can incorporate the information of an analysis on investment options and their associated trade-offs as a supplement to their knowledge and experience when making decisions. Best-in-class approach to portfolio management therefore embeds the following elements:

  • Consistency of reporting, forecasts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across business units, with outputs that allows quality decision making
  • Regular reviews to ensure that portfolio performance and objectives are aligned with strategy and flexible to changes in market conditions
  • Assessment of investment options on an unbiased, holistic basis, recognizing interdependent risks, impact and opportunity costs across business units
  • Aspire and achieve efficiency in portfolio composition, with sufficient optionality to weather storms

The volatile oil price business environment put companies on a quest for efficiency increases, performance gains and cost optimization to achieve acceptable rates of return. Commercials deals (e.g. asset sales) are part of the mix of mitigation actions and portfolio management forms a key component in the decision making process, both on the seller’s and the buyer’s side. The assessment of commercial options through integrated analysis, recognizing interdependent risks and opportunities, should guide and underpin all commercial decisions.


Triple EEE can support a client’s portfolio management efforts in many forms, which can range from provision of ad hoc Subject Matter Expert advice to a full-fledged review of a client’s portfolio and management process by an integrated team, with follow-up implementation support.

All assessments will start with analysis of the current portfolio and reporting models. Depending on the outcome, revisions can be proposed or a new model defined, as well associated templates to collect and process information. Identification of improvement opportunities, for example in the client’s portfolio management, decision making process, accountabilities and current portfolio inventory can also be included.

Typical list of deliverables includes:

  • Analysis of the current portfolio of a client
  • Evaluation of current risk management processes
  • Identification of current information streams and needs (data, sources, responsibilities, periodicity)
  • Definition of the client’s financial and technical KPIs and reporting model
  • Identification of key portfolio improvement opportunities, linked to the client’s corporate strategy
  • Analysis of the client’s technical and financial evaluation processes, assurance model, accountabilities and decision making, and suggest improvements
  • Preparation and analysis of technical and financial projections (e.g. budget forecasts)
Additional services

Associated with Portfolio Management, Triple EEE can provide complementary value adding services, such as:

  • Portfolio inventory review
  • Risk & optionality assessment
  • Strategy review
  • M&A support
  • Field development & mature field rejuvenation
  • Value assurance reviews
  • Organizational review
  • Operational excellence & Realizing the Limit
  • JV Management


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