S-050 - Technical Service Agreement Upstream


Triple EEE Management Support B.V. builds on the Experience, Expertise and Excellence of hundreds of former Shell managers and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s). Our knowledge and deep understanding of the business enabled us to provide quality support to many International clients in the Oil & Gas Upstream over the last 20 years. The scope of our services covers the full value chain and life cycle of projects, from strategic, technical and operational advice to hands-on implementation support, coaching, recruitment and training. As such, Triple EEE is very well suited to offer a Technical Service Agreement (TSA) for Upstream and to become the partner of choice to manage the client’s needs in the best possible way.

Upstream TSA elements

Upstream Oil & Gas companies have in common that they work towards achieving optimal performance at lowest costs. Our consultants’ experience, expertise and excellence enables benchmarking of their performance and cost basis against global analogues, identifying and closing any gaps there may be. Hence, by participating in a TSA the client can expect to achieve significant performance and cost improvements, with the potential to unlock millions of dollars in revenue.

This will typically be achieved by access to our capable SME’s, who will focus on the client’s core problems and develop pro-active and value-adding solutions, tailored to their needs. Our consultants come from the business, thus are able to develop recommendations and alternatives to support the client’s decision-making. For example, our integrated programs will assist the client to successfully explore on prime acreage, drill smart and cost-effective wells, optimize field development, right-size the facility design, support delivery of projects as planned, operate safely and effectively, and improve recovery and production. We can participate in technical and organizational health checks and assessments, and provide strategy, technology, portfolio, organizational and business improvement advice and recommendations. All of this is based on our integrated knowledge, skills, experience and deep understanding of the industry’s best practices and standards.


This TSA will provide the client with:

  • A long-term partnership with a reputable and reliable service company that has a profound understanding of the Upstream Oil & Gas business and brings excellence through its capable consultants and SME’s,
  • A single-source and cost-effective solution provider, allowing the client to keep its organization lean and efficient with focus on running the day-to-day business,
  • Access to a service desk with a dedicated service manager and input from relevant SME’s, delivering quality advice at short notice,
  • Access to a large and diverse pool of SME’s for flexible, on-site assignments to support reviews, studies, projects and operations, providing expertise that is complementary to the client’s own staff, thus enabling best-in-class and value-adding results,
  • Options to use our prime services and training, which can be tailored to the client’s needs.


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