S-056 - Setting up a Quality Plan for Development Work


A Quality Plan needs to be created for front end development work. Based on the technical work, decisions will be taken with far reaching consequences. It is vital that the development team knows what their key deliverables are, and can demonstrate that they have been properly reviewed and checked.

The checking must be done by competent staff. Ideally, those staff are identified beforehand. Since they will probably perform the same role across many projects, their status should be recorded in a separate Technical Authority register.


For each phase of development (‘identify the opportunity’, ‘assess the alternatives’, ‘select the concept’ there are different key deliverables. Therefore, a new Quality Plan should be created at the start of each phase. Managing the plan will continue throughout the phase.


The basis for quality control is a very systematic approach:

  • Define a list of ‘critical deliverables’ to be produced by the team during the current phase of the work.
  • Choose who from the Technical Authority register will write, check and approve each deliverable.
  • Define what is meant by ‘write’, ‘check’ and ‘approve’.
  • For each deliverable, list which disciplines should cross check the work.
  • Name a quality plan owner, and ensure they record each check and retain evidence as the project moves forward.

Ideally the Technical Authority register will already be in place. If not, this should be set up. The Triple EEE service ‘Technical Authorities’ supports doing this.

  • A list of critical deliverables.
  • A quality control matrix of deliverables and checking disciplines
  • A Quality Plan owner and a way of following up the checks.

A 1 day workshop with the client development team to set up the Quality Plan. This assumes that the appropriate Technical Authority staff are already identified. Carrying out the checks and updating the record is done later by the team, where further assistance can be provided.



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