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Produce the Limit is about getting the most from your existing fields & production systems. Increasing production of Oil or Gas from your existing fields is almost always more economical than starting a new development.
‘Produce the Limit’ (PtL) is executed as a workshop delivered by an experienced Facilitator. The process comprises a dedicated multi-disciplinary team working together for around 2 weeks.
No two production systems are the same so each PtL workshop is unique to the specific field & production system. The Triple EEE Facilitator will work with the Operator’s Asset team to design a workshop programme targeted at the challenges of the specific production system.


The primary purpose of a PtL workshop is to deliver short-term to medium-term opportunities for production gains.
A secondary purpose is to create a challenging environment and common passion amongst the team members to resolve obstacles to achieving improvements.

The Triple EEE Facilitator will liaise with a sponsor in the Operating Company to establish the scope and execution methodology for a PtL workshop. Typically the people involved in a PtL workshop will include Reservoir Engineers, Production Technologists, Process & Facilities Engineers and Operators. Other expertise may be included (e.g. Production Chemistry, Coiled-Tubing, Fracking and Water Injection). The Triple EEE Facilitator will design the programme for the workshop; typically 10 to 14 days.
The PtL Workshop

The PtL workshop will begin with ‘Paint-the-Picture’ sessions which examine the production system from the reservoir(s) through to the export system(s)

During this, an ‘Integrated Production System Capacity Chart’ (IPSC) is drawn up which identifies the existing capacity of each part of the production system. It may include: Reservoir(s), Production & Injection Wells, Gathering (including Subsea) Systems, Oil & Gas Processing Systems, Gas/Water Injection Systems and Export Systems. The value of using this chart is that it clearly shows where the production bottlenecks are. No production gain can be achieved unless the lowest bottleneck is increased.

Opportunities for increasing the capacity of each part of the production system are identified throughout the Paint-the-Pictures sessions and these are captured as the sessions progress. The remainder of the workshop is dedicated to evaluating and quantifying (gain vs cost & time to implement) the ideas. The impacts of implementing the ideas on the Integrated Production System Capacity are quantified. Using this chart a ranked plan of activities is created that demonstrates the potential for short, medium and long-term production increases.
The PtL workshop will close with a presentation of the finding to the Operator’s Management Team. This is an important step to gaining the support and resources for the follow-up implementation. If required, Triple EEE can also support the rollout of the methodology and subsequent project planning and execution efforts.
PtL Workshop Outcome

Experience has shown that production gains up to 20% to 25% are possible from PtL workshops, and even small gains can be highly profitable as identified short-term activities are often low-cost to implement.



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