S-066 - Storage Tank Design, Operations and Maintenance


Storage Tanks are a key part of onshore process installations, both upstream oil production facilities, and downstream refineries and chemical plants. They have a vital role in buffering production, holding product for sale, and temporarily storing waste or by-product.

Compared to other parts of a process plant, the unique characteristics of storage tanks are:

  • the very large inventory, often of flammable or hazardous material
  • the difficulty of internal inspection except by fully draining and cleaning the tank
  • the weight of the tank and its contents
  • the particular instrumentation only found on tanks
  • the land and space requirement, often including surrounding bundwalls.
  • The financial value of the inventory

Problems with storage tank operation can lead to safety hazards in the plant, health hazards to nearby public, interruptions to production, or missed product deliveries.


Triple EEE has the expertise to assist in the following areas:

  • Tank Design: application of design codes, recommendations for appropriate tank type, review of design proposals, comparison with other sites.

  • Tank Operations: analysis of tank operation against operating envelope, investigation of operating difficulties, recommendations for improvement.
  • Tank Maintenance: review of maintenance history, assessment of tank and foundation condition, assessment of roof seal condition, inspection of coatings, and proposals for future inspection/maintenance and overhaul activities.
  • Tank Safety: assessment of tank safety and fire-fighting equipment, assessment of leaks and emissions, future life assessment.

Triple EEE has knowledge covering atmospheric fixed roof and floating roof tanks, and pressurized tanks including spheres and bullets.



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