S-068 - Digital Oilfield Management


Key field development drivers for O&G operators are:

  • Maximise and/or sustain production
  • Achieve high recovery from the reservoirs
  • Reduce costs for operations (oil and gas processing and export, water- and gas injection or chemicals)
  • Optimise further development expenditures

Many oil and gas facilities and wells  have a degree of data collection through sensors to measure the fluids, as well as systems to control the fluids (automation). This data is used by the different departments (operations, wells, subsurface/field development) for management their part of the business, often in a ‘silo-ed’ way, leaving a lot of value opportunities unused. The key question which operators are faced with is: Are we using the data to understand reservoir and well behaviour, can the data provide more insight to optimise production and reduce costs, whilst ensuring I get the most from the reservoir.

The terminology Digital Oilfield Management is applied to field developments  that have considered and optimised how the high data volumes from the sensors can be best used, by people located both in the field and/or in a remote (usually office) location, to optimise the set points of control systems, and /or to give new instructions to field staff, to optimise the performance of the facility and depletion of the reservoir.


Align subsurface and surface operations goals by using the data provided by sensors in the field facilities, make shared quality decisions and act to optimise reservoir, wells and production performance, either by changing control set points by remote intervention or by making manual corrections.


Our Consultancy assesses the flow of data from the facility and gives advice on what meetings should be established and what their agendas should be to best use the data to improve the facilities’ production and maintenance performance.

We also provide advice about the optimum physical and IT setup of the area where staff come together to work collaboratively. (This area is called the Collaborative Work Environment (CWE)). This may include physical facilities like Video Conference facilities, computers with access to the SCADA system, white boards etc. as well as the IT systems that may be used in the meetings to view the plant and wells performance

A service is then provided to initiate the meetings with facilitation from Triple EEE Subject Matter experts.

Work Methodology

The sensors in the facilities and wells are identified, and the workflows of the various work processes within Field development, Production and Maintenance are listed, identifying whether data gathering is manual or automated, which person is responsible to review the data, what band of performance is optimum or acceptable. If the sensor is out of the acceptable performance region, the party that is responsible to act is identified through automated workflows.

The meetings are then identified as multi-discipline events during which the data is reviewed from the facility for each work process.  A schedule for these meetings in the CWE is setup. (For an unmanned facility the meeting schedule may organise meetings during periods when the facility is temporarily manned so data can be gathered manually, or manual control action can be taken, whilst staff are at the worksite.) The agenda of the meeting is created. The roles and responsibilities are documented or updated in Job Descriptions.

  • Goal alignment workshops with various department staff (subsurface, surface, wells)
  • A schedule of meetings to be held in the CWE
  • The agendas of the meetings held in the CWE
  • Design proposal for the CWE
  • New or updated job descriptions
  • Service from Triple EEE to initially facilitate the meetings
More Information

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