S-069 - Pre Start-Up Reviews


The introduction of hydrocarbons to the new facilities created by a Project, is typically one of the most hazardous events in the whole lifecycle of a project.

These Pre-Start-Up Reviews review and assess the readiness of a facility to safely introduce hydrocarbons and to start up and ramp up production operations.

The review is carried out approximately three months before the start up so that any recommendations made by the Review Team can be addressed before the start-up.


Our Consultancy assesses the operational readiness of the Project to safely introduce hydrocarbons and ramp up production to the Project’s targeted production level.


The PSUR assesses the operational readiness to start up and ramp up by reviewing through sampling and testing:

  • The effectiveness of the application of the Hazards and Effectiveness Management Process (HEMP) during the Detailed Design
  • The readiness of safety management systems (hardware and software)
  • The quality and comprehensiveness of operational and maintenance procedures, including material requirements.
  • The degree of definition of the roles and responsibilities, the manning levels and level of competency of the Operations organisation that will operate and maintain the new facility (including contractors)
  • The effectiveness of the Commissioning and Start Up process and the Project to Asset handover process
  • The degree of compliance to local / international standards that the Project will establish for the Production phase
  • The comprehensiveness and completeness of the setup of the contracts for the operating phase
  • The effectiveness of closure of earlier audit, review and HAZOP findings.
Work Methodology

Our consultant will lead a Review Team comprised of other Triple EEE consultants and the client’s technical experts. (Half of the team at least should be from Triple EEE consultants who are external to the project, in order to guarantee an independent view).

The Review Team follows a Triple EEE template so that over a period of one or two weeks, depending on the scale and complexity of the project, a comprehensive review of the readiness of the new facility to introduce hydrocarbons and carry out the start-up will be carried out.

A two-week review of a major project will take place as follows: on the first day there are project team presentations; this is followed by five days of interviews between the Review Team and members of the Project Team and /or the future Operations team. Next the integrated picture of the Project’s readiness is agreed within the PSUR team. This leads to the creation of the close-out presentation and finally the delivery of this presentation. Customers are senior executives governing the project. Other main recipients are those responsible for delivering the project.

An Excel spreadsheet listing recommendations, and a pdf report is also provided at the end of the review.

If required, Triple EEE can also support and assist the Project after the Review to address the Review’s recommendations through permanent or temporary mitigations.



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