S-072 - Smart Tank Review

The Smart Tank Process (TM)

The ST process is a systematic approach to review the technical, economical, commercial, organisational, and political aspects of the tank terminal operations and maintenance process giving insights from these viewpoints and identifies areas for improvement.

A ST review involves the implementation of two study parts by a multi-disciplined team made up of the various disciplines involved. The two studies include:

  • Upfront Analysis – UFA

An UFA gathers all relevant information on the Tank Terminal/Farm. The leader of the ST team will ensure correct data is used and transparently benchmarked against industry best practices. End result of the UFA is a briefing note for the members of the team that will participate in the second study and initial insights in improvement areas, yet to be confirmed.

  • Tank Terminal Analysis – TTA

A TTA will be carried out by a team mixed from key subject matter experts that Triple EEE provides and tank terminal key staff that will collectively review and interview a wide range of staff in the terminal, their contractors and suppliers. Duration of this second study depends on magnitude of the terminal(s) and the depth of analysis that was agreed at the end of the UFA but generically takes 2 weeks as a minimum.

The Benefits

A full ST review is recorded in a report which contains detailed significant findings and conclusions in the form of worksheets and includes the main recommendations to improve on the identified areas for improvement and/or to avoid or minimize problems identified by the ST team.

Results of an ST include:

  • A balanced view on the development of the infrastructure, the technology in place and the operability of the asset. Furthermore, technical integrity, HSSE and innovation will be framed and assessed for fitness
  • Understanding of the life cycle cost, the actual status against innovation(s) in the terminal world, identified gap to potential assessment
  • Identified gaps in business controls, contracting and supplier arrangements, a list of proposed tasks to improve the safety and operability of the asset
  • Validation of competencies, the organisational structure including review of the procedures in place and their use with an assessment on the risk management applied by own- and third-party staff working at the terminal
  • Clear identification of stakeholder management, government relations, reputation, and sustainable development where appropriate.

The ST review normally is followed by an implementation phase in which the owner can decide which proposals for improvement will be implemented and at what pace. Assistance on specific implementation parts can off course be provided by Triple EEE.

The Team

The participants usually required at the review include the team chairman/facilitator, maintenance manager, project engineer, tank subject matter expert/engineer, plant manager and operator; electrical (maintenance) engineer, health & safety engineer, management and benchmarking consultants and contractor / suppliers if applicable.  The choice of team chairman/facilitator is crucial. To ensure the effectiveness of the ST studies, the team chairman / facilitator must be trained and practiced in applying ST techniques and the process.  Further to ensure impartiality, the team chairman / facilitator should be an independent party, not involved with the tank terminal or its suppliers / contractors.

The Timing

An ST review of a tank terminal can be done at any given moment albeit certain moments might provoke a specific need to execute a review, like a large maintenance campaign that is planned, an integration of another terminal in the existing terminal group and/or new construction being planned.

When the terminal is still in the project phase, the timing of the individual studies is dependent on design having progressed to a level of detail that will enable the objectives of each ST study to be realised.  However, the project should still be at a stage that will allow implementation of the recommendations to occur without incurring significant costs.

An initial ST can be periodically followed by repetitive studies in order to examine status and progress to date.

Combination(s) of other services Triple EEE offers, like operational readiness reviews, specific electrical hazardous reviews, integrated project review and/or asset management reviews can be part of mutual discussions in the orientation or deployment phase.



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