S-073 - Waterflooding


Improved waterflooding is about getting the most from your existing fields and production systems. Improving/fixing your current water flooding operation is almost always more economical than starting a new development and therefore a hugely profitable opportunity. Reserves additions of 10% and UTC’s of $1-5/barrel are no exception.

The improvement process has three phases which are explained below. Improving/fixing waterfloods is an extensive process and hence it is essential that cordial relationships are established. Triple EEE is committed to build such a relationship. An illustration of this commitment is that after the improvement campaign is executed, Triple EEE will continue to monitor field production with you to ensure that we have delivered meaningful improvements.


The primary purpose of a water flood improvement campaign is to deliver medium-term and long-term production and reserves gains.

A secondary purpose is to create a challenging environment and common passion amongst the team members to resolve obstacles to achieving improvements.


The methodology of waterflooding improvement consists of the following three phases:


1.        Pathfinder Phase

In this phase one or two of our consultants will visit your office and field operations for about two days looking for improvement areas. They will interview your subsurface staff, operations and engineering staff. At the end of the visit they will present a list of improvement areas.


Subsequently we will make selection of the improvement areas to be addressed. We make a cost and benefit estimate so that you can make a measured and balance decision.


2.        Mobilisation and execution phase

For each of the improvement areas we will mobilise the best specialists from our Triple EEE network. The areas of improvement can be very wide ranging. Therefore, the specialists to mobilise can be very wide ranging such as: production engineers, production chemists, engineers specialists in water pumps, DSC specialists, reservoir engineers etc.

Special attention needs to be given how the activities of our specialists are integrated with your operations. From our side we will assign a dedicated project manager who will continuous lease with your staff and management.


3.        Monitoring and sustaining phase

After execution of all the improvements we continue to monitor with you to check whether improvements are sustained and production gains are yielded.

Program Outcome

A well targeted and executed waterflooding improvement campaign can yield incremental oil for $1 to $5/barrel. In the longer term reserves additions of 10% could be gained.



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