T-150 - Introduction to Refining


This course focuses on basic knowledge of the refining processes.

Designed for

All staff involved in the refining business.


By the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • explain who the customers are and what products they require;
  • identify the main and specialty products manufactured and describe their main characteristics, their composition, etc;
  • explain the flow of oil/gas from well via manufacturing plants to finished products in the market;
  • explain the various refinery types / configurations and be able to construct a refinery flow scheme by clearly indicating product flows to and from the process units;
  • explain the origin of crude oil, characterize the different types of crude oils, explain the concept of crude oil valuation and identify different types of crude oil pricing;
  • explain the concepts of refinery costs and margins and be able to give indications of these costs and margins;
  • describe and explain for each refinery process:
    • the objectives and basic principles of the process;
    • the process unit with associated equipment;
    • the interfaces with other process units;
    • the main process controls and variables;
    • the main product quality aspects and HSE aspects;
  • determine and explain the influence of feedstock and refinery configuration on product yields, margins (Hydrocarbon and GRM) and product qualities by using the RSIM Model;
  • describe the role of the blending operation and the types of available blending systems;
  • explain the main elements of energy management;
  • explain the general background for water effluent specifications, explain the concept of the water/effluent master plan, and describe some refinery effluent treatment systems;
  • identify different HSE aspects in a refinery and indicate ways to safeguard/improve safety of staff;
  • recognize the business and legislative pressures on refineries and environmental pressures on product specifications.


This course can be arranged for at client’s location and can tailored to the client’s wishes.


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