T-177A - Production Operations - Basic


This course focuses on the basics of

  • Wells (Oil & Gas)
  • Process Facilities (Oil & Gas)
  • Metering & Fiscalization
  • Pipeline Operations
  • Providing the participants basic knowledge of an Integrated Production System (IPS) and the interdependencies

Designed for

This course is designed for (Trainee) Production Operations Staff, Maintenance Staff and Engineers and covers the main components (see above) of an Oil & Gas Integrated Production System.


To provide basic knowledge of:

  • Well (Various completions types for Oil & Gas)
  • Well Operations and safety
  • Process Facilities for Gas & Oil and the various processing methods to achieve product sales specifications.
  • Water disposal and Treatment
  • Metering (Well tests, Bulk metering and sales/fiscalization)
  • Pipelines Operations (Pigging, Batching etc.)

Competences addressed

  • Well Engineering, specifically Well Operations and Safety
  • Knowledge of Process Facilities
  • Water Disposal and Treatment
  • Metering
  • Pipeline operations

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