T-177B - Production Operations - Advanced


This course is a follow up of the 7 day course (Production Operations EEE-T-177 A).

  • Wells (Oil & Gas)
  • Process Facilities (Oil & Gas)
  • Metering & Fiscalization
  • Pipeline Operations

Designed for

The course is designed for Production Operations Staff & Maintenance Staff and covers in more detail the main components of an Oil & Gas Integrated Production System. Emphasis is on the interdependencies between components from wellbore to Custody Transfer Point in achieving maximum and optimized production volumes.


Our experts will work in close partnership with you to introduce industry best practice models and approaches that add value and deliver results, and work jointly with you on a fit for purpose strategy.

To provide advanced knowledge for Production Operations & Maintenance Staff on the main Components of an IPS.

  • Well completions and Well Integrity (MAASP, SCSSV & SSV testing etc.)
  • Well Operations (Start up Oil & Gas)
  • Well monitoring, data gathering, performance and trouble shooting
  • Well contaminants (Scale/Wax etc.) and mitigation thereof
  • Corrosion principles & Corrosion mitigation
  • Oil & Gas Processing facilities. Oil dehydration/Gas dehydration and drying for hydrocarbons with hydrate explanation and mitigation. Both principles and applied equipment
  • Water treatment and disposal
  • Metering (Various metering principles and meters e.g. PD/Turbine/US/Coriolis)
  • Pipeline Operations (Pigging)

Competences addressed

  • Well Engineering, specifically Well Operations and Safety
  • Knowledge of Process Facilities
  • Water Disposal and Treatment
  • Metering
  • Pipeline operations


Course content can be tailored to client’s preferences and may also include client’s course material as required.
Triple EEE will appoint experienced lecturers, who have been working at Senior Production Operations positions.


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