T-210 - Rotating Equipment Failure Investigation Techniques


The course will provide attendees with sufficient understanding to be able to recognise key features on failed components taken mainly from rotating equipment and machinery parts, to make judgements about the cause of failure, and to identify the correct remedial steps required to prevent such failures occurring again.

Designed for

Manufacturing and production engineers, maintenance and corrosion engineers, supervisors and inspectors who for a substantial part of their job are dealing with equipment maintenance.

Suitable candidates will typically have a minimum of 5 years experience in equipment maintenance.


This course will provide participants with theoretical and practical skills necessary to:

  • Recognise key features of failed components
  • Make judgments about the cause of failure
  • Identify the correct remedial steps required to prevent such failures occurring again.


To provide participants with a good understanding of engineering failures mainly on rotating equipment and machinery parts, and how to diagnose of these failures.

Competences addressed

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Failure analysis


The course takes the form of a workshop utilizing keynote lectures and films supplemented by a large number of failed samples. It is preferred to run the course as an export course. Any major refinery or petrochemical complex is convenient.


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