T-260 - Asset Reference Planning

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An Asset can be defined as anything that has potential value for a Corporation. Asset Value Management is about optimising this value. This is done through analysis of all options & scenarios in which an asset can be developed during its operational life cycle, based on their impact on cash flow and profitability.

In order to analyse different development options, we need to know all influencing elements of the asset’s value, being positive or negative. Asset Value Management uses Activity Based Cost Modelling for the identification of all influencing elements in a comprehensive way, at sub asset level in a single integrated platform. This provides a consistent and auditable approach. Optimisation of life cycle costing is achieved through reliable analysis of different “what if” scenarios.

The selected asset development scenario is described in the Asset Development Plan.
Asset Value Management is a process that should be instigated at the start of a new venture or new project but can equally be applied to existing assets. It can be provoked by certain trigger events (for instance a variation in crude oil price) but should be repeated at regular intervals, linked to Corporate Strategic Planning and Capital Allocation processes, allowing the optimisation of resources and investment at a corporate level.

Designed for

This course is designed for company owners and senior managers who are in charge of a business unit or operating site. It is also suitable for business planners and economists working in a corporate function.


Upon completion of this course, the person will have thorough understanding of

  • The definition of an asset
  • The measurement of asset value
  • Activity Based Costing
  • The Asset Reference Plan
  • How to maximise asset value
  • End of Life assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Portfolio analysis and optimisation


3 days


This course can be arranged for at client’s location and can tailored to the client’s wishes. A mixture of staff disciplines represented at the course is very desirable for the best learning experience.


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