T-261 - Field Development Planning Overview


All oil and gas companies follow a similar process to progress a field development from discovery to design and construction. Most companies will have several developments active, each at a different stage, possibly with different partners.

A consistent process across all developments is essential to manage this portfolio effectively.
The development team doing the work for each field will be made up of engineers from various discipline. These engineers need to understand how the key integration activities are carried out, and how their discipline work fits into the overall process. Lack of this understanding can lead to conflicting targets, rework, and sub optimal concept selection.

The course explains how major oil companies progress oil and gas developments through a series of stage gates. The purpose of each phase (‘Identify the opportunity’, ‘assess the opportunity’, ‘select the concept’) is made clear. Emphasis is on coordinating the discipline work in activities such as risk identification, technical assurance, concept identification and stage gate review, rather than the discipline staff work it-self.

After attending the course, staff will work more effectively with others in an integrated team, and the team will make faster and more efficient progress.

Designed for

Discipline staff such as geologists, reservoir engineers, well engineers, and facilities engineers, with 5-10 years’ experience in their own discipline, who are now working in an integrated team. Also very suitable for high performing staff who are being put in charge of a development team for the first time, or staff being seconded into a partner team.


By the end of the workshop, the participants will understand:

  • The overall process that most oil companies use to progress field developments through Identify, Assess and Select stages
  • The importance of milestones and stage gate reviews
  • How risk is identified and managed
  • How a quality control plan is set up and implemented
  • The detailed processes for Concept Identification and Concept Selection
  • Using Decision Quality for decision making
  • Contracting Strategy and Tactics
  • Project Economics and Feasibility against company
  • How to deal with uncertainty while taking key decisions to move forward.


3 days


This course can be arranged for at client’s location and can be tailored to the client’s wishes. A mixture of staff disciplines represented at the course is very desirable for the best learning experience.


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