T-263 - Decision Review Board


The course is intended for managers in Oil & Gas Companies who will be members of a Decision Review Board (DRB).
The DRB, and its members, play a pivotal role in the success of Oil & Gas development projects, especially in the early development phases. A well-informed and skilful DRB can have a significant impact on the speed of the project execution in the early phases as well as the quality of the development decisions made and the concepts selected.
The course will help the participants to see how the DRB fits in to the Company’s authority structure and the specific roles of the DRB in steering the development project.

Designed for

  • Managers who are or will be members of a DRB acting within a Company’s Gated Development Process.
  • Change managers who are involved in setting up a new Gated Development structure within a Company.
  • Project Managers who will report to and interact with a DRB.


By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of how a DRB should be structured according to the development phase of a project and to match the specific technical/commercial challenges.
You will appreciate the value and importance of the DRB in setting up the project’s assurance plan.
You will understand the specific roles of the DRB members and the reporting relationship to the Decision Executive (person with ultimate authority on the project).
You will also see how the DRB’s function and responsibilities fit within the overall authority structure of the Company.

Competences addressed

  1. Gated Development processes
  2. Project Governance
  3. Development / Project Assurance systems

The course covers the following main topics:

  • Review of Gated Development Processes
  • Project Governance Principles & Structure
  • Project Teams vs Development Phases
  • Corporate Authority and Line of Sight between the Project Team and the Authorities
  • Decision Review Boards
  • Roles of the DRB
  • Composition of the DRB
  • Individual Members of the DRB
  • Relation with Decision Executive & Accountable Director
  • Best Practice for DRBs


1 day


The course links theory to application. It reinforces this through real industry examples and allows participants to practice the theory through worked examples as part of the sessions. The course is highly interactive and participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and problems to the benefit of all. This course can be arranged for delivery at the client’s location and can also be tailored to the client’s wishes if desired.

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