T-331 - Process Analysers and Sampling Systems


In this course complete analyser systems are discussed while special attention is given to applied sampling systems next to the main types and principles of currently applied Process Analysers ranging from Physical Properties, online Chromatography, Water type analysis to Gas Detection systems while advantages and disadvantages are clarified with the aim to enhance the understanding of the operational ranges and limitations of each type of analysis system.

Designed for

This course is specifically designed for senior technicians, engineers and technical sales staff with experience using flow meters. Job titles as follow:

  • Measurement engineer
  • Metering engineer
  • Instrument engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Production engineer
  • Station engineer
  • Service staff/inspector


Upon the successful completion of this course, each participant will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose, operation of sample handling and application of a Process Analyzer system, Quality Monitoring systems and Gas Detection systems,
  • Describe the principles of the Physical Property Analyzers and Gas Chromatography,
  • Identify and explain the different types of QMI applications like Process Quality control and Emission Monitoring.
  • Understanding of the basic tools for Analytical Performance & Quality Assurance.


5 days


This course can be arranged for at client’s location and can tailored to the client’s wishes. A mixture of staff disciplines represented at the course is very desirable for the best learning experience.


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