T-332 - Custody/Fiscal Metering


Any losses in Custody Transfer are very large and non-recoverable. Mistakes of any kind with processes in place are very critical and extremely costly. Only through arbitration and lengthy legal claims can partial of the losses be redeemed. Errors in flow measurements can subject petroleum companies to significant financial losses.
The type of work required to properly conduct and maintain accurate custody transfer flow measurements is restrictive and very specialised. Controlling losses up front is much easier than reclaiming losses incurred due to improper measurement.

Designed for

This course is specifically designed for senior technicians, engineers and technical sales staff with experience using flow meters. Job titles as follows:

  • Measurement engineer
  • Metering engineer
  • Instrument engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Production engineer
  • Station engineer
  • Service staff/inspector


By the end of the course, the participants will understand:

  • Product and Allocation Metering
  • Loss Control and LACT systems
  • Measurement Accuracy & Quality Assurance
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Gas Chromatography and Quantitation methods
  • Heating Value Measurements
  • Moisture & HC Dew Point Theory and Practice
  • OIML R117 & 138 Recommendations
  • Flow Metering using ∆ P measurements
  • Flow Metering Devices
  • Standards for Gas Flow Metering
  • Fiscal Gas Metering Station design
  • Flow Meter Proving and Calibration
  • Types of Metering Prover Systems
  • Proving at site
  • Base Sediment & Water, Multi-Phase Flow Metering and Water Cut measurements


5 days


This course can be arranged for at client’s location and can tailored to the client’s wishes. A mixture of staff disciplines represented at the course is very desirable for the best learning experience.


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