T-400 - Electrical Engineering - Basic

Designed for

  • Recent Graduates with a few years’ experience (can be up to 5 years of experience)
  • Senior Electrical Technicians and Electrical Supervisors

Course Objectives

To equip young engineers with basic information and understanding they require to be able to function and contribute as electrical engineers in an oil and gas company.

This is not a replacement for theoretical training as found at university but more the practical application of what they have already learnt.

For senior technicians and supervisors this is an opportunity to better understand the rationale for and specification of the systems and equip-ment they are intimately familiar with maintain-ing.

The implications for maintenance arising from design decisions is explained and some general advice is given on the maintenance require-ments of the equipment being discussed.

There is a particular focus on understanding the electrical safety aspects in design of systems and equipment.


It is recommended there is a Test on final day to be able to measure how effectively the course has been delivered and to provide some feed-back to Company on how well the individual has understood the topics covered.

Course content

The course follows the design of an imaginary oil and gas processing facility, looking at possible sources of supply (Grid or own generation), equipment required to be fed e.g. motors, control and safeguarding systems etc., equipment needed (transformers, switchgear and cables) and how voltage levels are chosen taking account of fault levels, voltage drops etc.

From this design of a system the course then looks at the electrical equipment used in more detail and aims to explain to attendees the key aspects of each piece of equipment and how this links back to the system design as well as original specifications.

As far as is practical the lecturing is broken up by exercises the attendees complete in syndicates and report back on their conclusions and calculations.

To make the course relevant and specific to client it would be useful to know in advance who are their principal equipment suppliers and what types of equipment has been installed in the past.


The main resource will be our instructor to be assisted by a client electrical engineer who will be a co-lecturer for future courses.


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