T-410 - Energy Efficiency and Energy Management

Designed for

All key persons in a process plant organisation involved in assessing and improving energy efficiency. In particular this course is of use to two prime groups of attendees:

  • Firstly, Operations and Technology Managers who wish to understand and assess the issues that typically impact Industrial Energy Efficiency and how current Best Practice can be put to use to develop a sustainable plan leading to long term energy efficient operation. It will also be of use to Corporate Energy Managers who are looking at developing a company-wide energy strategy.
  • Secondly, it is targeted at practicing Energy Managers and Engineers who have been charged with bringing such a programme into reality and need a framework and ideas around which to develop detailed plant initiatives, activities and projects.

Course Description

Energy saving initiatives in Industry have had a chequered history. It should be easy – the tools and techniques behind energy efficiency are well known and in general they can generate an attractive earning power. But time and again Industry does not move on to new higher levels of Energy Efficiency. Why?…

The CO2 debate, government legislation and focus on costs all renew the interest in Energy Efficiency. But how do we get it right this time?

A Manufacturing site’s energy performance is driven by a large set of (sometimes conflicting) factors: Operational considerations, Equipment Maintenance, Technology and Design, Cultural and Competency issues. Thus the issue is complex – there is no single instant solution. Energy efficiency requires attention across the board involving a combination of technology plus systematic and procedural approaches and is being encapsulated in the new Global Management Standards on Energy and CO2 Management (e.g. ISO 50001).

This training course will provide the attendee with the tools to understand the Energy Efficiency problem and develop a sustainable strategy for Energy Management.

Course Objectives

  • To enable Attendees to understand the prime drivers that impact operational energy efficiency on process plants and to assess the maturity of their existing organisation.
  • To examine the role that Energy Management plays in tackling these drivers and providing a sustainable solution to the problems they raise.
  • To acquaint the course Attendees with common tools and techniques for improving energy efficiency.
  • To provide Attendees with project tool kits to develop and implement an energy efficiency improvement programme.


Comprehensive course materials including Powerpoint slides, supporting documents and spreadsheets will be provided.


Timing: tba – although at least 1 month notice is needed for preparation of the course.
The ideal maximum number of attendees per course is 15.
There will be 1 lecturer for the course.
Venue/course facilities: to be provided by client


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