T-420 - Introduction to the Energy Transition


Our consumption of energy through sectors transport, electricity, buildings and industry is currently responsible for 75% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and are having an adverse effect on climate. The purpose of this course is to provide context and an overview of the transition from a fossil fuelled global energy system to one with net zero emissions.

Designed for

Technical and non-technical professionals across the Energy and related Industries. The level of the course can be tailored to the specific audience.


  • Appreciate the science of climate change, how human induced (anthropogenic) change is now the dominant factor
  • Understand how the global energy system impacts greenhouse gases with the subsequent effect on climate change
  • Develop an understanding of the energy transition journey to date including the role of global stakeholders such as IPCC, UNFCCC etc.
  • Understand the four key sectors of transport, buildings, industry and electricity, how each uses energy and lend themselves to decarbonization (or not)
  • Understand key aspects of renewable energy solutions, including how they can integrate together to replace the reliability of supply we have been used to from fossil fuels
  • Understand the role of enablers such as carbon pricing/trading, policy and regulatory changes required to accelerate the transition
  • Understand the impact on society and be able to be able to talk with knowledge of the key dimensions and metrics involved

Other Highlights

  • Included are a quiz and an energy transition game
  • Course can be delivered virtually or in person
  • A small amount of prework may be included
  • Can includes a participants course knowledge assessment


The course consists of three modules which can be delivered over the course of 4 or 12 hours (3 half day sessions) depending on the level of detail required.


Places are limited to a maximum of 25 participants.


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